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COV Series

COV 2502
– Single needle, 2 thread heavy duty carpet overedging machine.
COV 2502 L
– Same as COV 2502, but as left-hand machine.
COV 2502 SK
– Same as COV 2502, but equipped with side knife.
COV 2502 L-SK
– Same as COV 2502 SK, but as left-hand machine
COV 2501 SK
– Single needle, single thread end to end sewing machine. Designed for joining two pieces of carpet before special treatment (i.e. bleaching). This machine is equipped with side knife.
COV 2503
– Same as COV 2502, however 3 thread machine.
COV 2503 FN
– Single needle, 3 thread net overedging machine with puller. Suitable for overedging all kinds of nets, for example ball net, fishing net, etc.